8M – Women inventors driving progress

8M – Women inventors driving progress

These 8 Spanish women not only broke down barriers, but also brought about significant changes with their innovative inventions:

· Sor Perboire: The Braile Wizard

She devised a system that allowed blind people to write in Braille, making it easier to trace raised characters so that they were detectable by touch.

· Ángela Ruiz-Robles: The E-Book Visionary

This teacher invented the e-book long before it was attributed to Michael Hart in 1971.

· Concepción Aleixandre-Ballester: Feminine Fortitude

As a doctor of gynaecology, she devised a device whose function was similar to that of Chinese balls today: to strengthen the pelvic floor.

· Fermina Orduña: The Patent Pioneer

Fermina Orduña made history by becoming the first woman to register a patent in her own name. Her wit was embodied in a machine that brought the freshness of freshly milked milk directly into homes.

· Elia Garci-Lara Catalá: The precursor of the washing machine

Imagine a household appliance that washes, rinses, dries, irons and folds clothes all in one. Elia Garci-Lara Catalá came up with the “lavarropa”, a multifunction device that, although it never reached the market, was ahead of its time.

· Margarita Salas: DNA Pioneer

Margarita Salas revolutionised biology by inventing a DNA amplification system. Her legacy lives on in the diversity of products that use her technology today.

· Celia Sanchez-Ramos: Identity Through Gaze

Celia Sánchez-Ramos changed the way we authenticate our identity by developing a corneal recognition system. Her innovation has left a lasting mark on biometric security.

· Teresa Gonzalo: Empowering Protection

In 2012, Teresa Gonzalo took a bold step by creating a vaginal gel that offers 80% protection against HIV, allowing women to take care of their health without the need for permission. A revolution in the field of prevention in some parts of the world.

These extraordinary women not only left a legacy in the history of technology, but also defied expectations and changed the world with their visionary inventions.

At Curell Suñol women matter: we have 4 professional partners in the board of directors and a strong team of 28 women:

  • Mireia Curell
  • María Ceballos
  • Isabela Robledo
  • Mercè Hernández
  • Berta Benet
  • Sílvia Oliver
  • Clàudia Ribera
  • Jiarong Wu Zhou
  • Marisa Bueno
  • Núria Buil
  • Lorena Comas
  • Aura Díaz
  • Francina Espinal
  • Idoia Fabregat
  • Cristina Gambús
  • Mònica González
  • Olga Jiménez
  • Sonia Jimeno
  • Sara Juez
  • Carme Martínez
  • Judith Morera
  • Núria Plazas
  • Clara Pírez
  • Emma Robles
  • Pilar Roch
  • Mayka Rodríguez
  • Carla Valls
  • Carolina Yeste